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Relearning Our Connection with Nature with Veljko Armano Linta (6 sessions)

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The biophilia hypothesis proposes that we have an urge to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. But have we gotten accustomed to live our daily, urban lives without (the awareness of) this connection?

In this course you will :

  • Learn about the biophilia hypothesis and why it’s important at this moment in history
  • Practice creative ways to better notice nature and life forms around you
  • Explore your sensory and psychological connection with your surroundings
  • Invent creative ways to introduce the connection with nature in your online and offline “habitats”
  • Develop self-directed, participatory and peer-learning skills in a supportive group

Designed over 6 sessions, we will begin by talking about biophilia and the global consequences of a lack of biophilic design intentions in this world. We will then delve into a series of practical exercises (solo and in pairs) and meet every week to share insights and experiences. The exercises will include:

  • Mapping non-human life forms around you, switching from human-created to living landmarks in spatial orientation
  • Finding things to eat in unexpected environments and break myths about what is edible
  • Comparing the effect of natural and artificial everyday objects on our wellbeing
  • Creating digital reminders that we are part of life
  • Creating physical reminders that we are part of life

The course will conclude with a session that will help us formulate future intentions, so that we may establish a deeper connection with the spaces we inhabit.

We’ve interviewed Veljko on what biophilia means to him, you can read about it here.

About the Facilitator

Veljko is the director of the design & architecture Studio Armano Linta and practices a participatory design process aimed at personal and ecosocial wellbeing, so that we can use our (built) environment to regenerate our worldviews and practices in order to regenerate our planet. He has created and facilitated participatory workshops, lectures and webinars on sustainability/regeneration, design and teamwork for local communities, primary and high-school students, university students, teachers, NGOs and professionals, including the Cultural Backpack workshops for the Ministry of Education in Croatia. He also facilitated a United World College Short Course “Re-Thinking Identities” in Finland and is a UWC alumnus.

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Once you enroll, you will receive an invite from welearnwegrow@mn.co to join the course on the WLWG learning platform. 

The course sessions will be online on Zoom with 10-15 other learners. We will post the access links on the course page on the WLWG platform. The sessions will be recorded in case you miss one. 

Since we are open to members from all parts of the world, we offer a sliding scale of contributions. Our plans are available at three levels of financial experience. If for some reason you would like to attend the course but are unable to contribute financially, please contact us for a free seat.

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