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Exploring Ways of Knowing with Jaya Ramchandani (6 sessions)

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Being able to discern what is ‘true’ or valid and reliable knowledge is an essential skill in today’s information-loaded landscape. We’re constantly bombarded with messages to believe things: Should I believe this research that says that sugar is bad for me? Should I believe him when he says he will never do it again? Should I believe in God when there is no evidence?

Assessing what to believe requires us to think critically and examine how we know what we know. How can we rank the various ways of knowing: senses, emotions, reason, intuition and word, to make sense and make sound decisions?

This course is for you if you have been questioning ways of knowing and are seeking to do so in a collaborative fashion.

The course is designed as six sessions over six weeks and is open to a maximum of 10 participants. Each participant needs to bring in one question that you are exploring concerning ways of knowing and your thoughts on it (the registration form asks for this). Your thoughts can be in the form of an essay, a poem, a short film, or lots of notes on napkins — it’s ok if they are a bit rough.

In session 1, we will set the context of the course, share what each participant comes with, and cocreate what the next 5 sessions will look like. Should we do readings, presentations, discussions, or a mix? How should we stack things up? The hope is to explore these six questions non-linearly through the different cases or questions you bring in:

  1. What’s the difference between knowledge, belief and opinion?
  2. To what extent can we trust our sensory experiences, emotional experiences, and mental experiences as ways of knowing?
  3. Does all knowledge require evidence and reason to be reliable?
  4. What are the characteristics of a “reliable” authority?
  5. How can we know something that we can experience but cannot reason?
  6. How can we evaluate whether we know as much as we think we know?

The question I bring in is can we know the divine, which I have written about here:

This is exciting. We are excited. Does what you read above excite you? Join our short course Exploring Ways of Knowing if you are seeking

  • to expand your critical thinking abilities
  • to more confidently validate what is true
  • experience new ways of learning
  • share your perspective with a global community 

About the Facilitator

Jaya Ramchandani is an educator, researcher, and curator. Jaya graduated in astronomy and science based business from Leiden University in the Netherlands in 2012. Since then she’s been working on a number of informal learning projects from making astronomy kits with Universe Awareness to organizing interdisciplinary learning festivals with The Story Of to teaching in an international context at UWC ISAK Japan. Jaya was born and raised in Liberia, West Africa; then lived in Mumbai, The Netherlands, Goa, Shanghai, France, and Japan. She’s a third culture kid and has experienced many ways of knowing and being in the world. She is excited to share stories, lives, and philosophies with other seekers. She is driven by the optimism of will to co-create a peaceful and sustainable future.

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The course sessions will be online on Zoom with 10-15 other learners. We will post the access links on the course page on the WLWG platform. The sessions will be recorded in case you miss one. 

Since we are open to members from all parts of the world, we offer a sliding scale of contributions. Our plans are available at three levels of financial experience. If for some reason you would like to attend the course but are unable to contribute financially, please contact us for a free seat.

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