Meet Our Facilitators

All our facilitators have one thing in common, they walk the talk, and know how to engineer those awesome conditions for adult learning. We go to the ends of the Earth to find facilitators who can hold space for all levels of learners from homeschoolers to doctorates with a willingness to learn.

Jaya Ramchandani

Jaya Ramchandani is an educator, researcher, and curator. Jaya is a third culture kid and has experienced many ways of knowing and being in the world. She's worked in both informal & formal education and advocates for learner agency, self-direction, transformative learning, interdisciplinary learning, and project-based learning. She is driven by the optimism of will to co-create a peaceful and sustainable future.  

Cary Reid

Cary Reid has been engaged with teaching peace & politics in various contexts for about 12 years. Prior to teaching, Cary served as a diplomat in the Jamaican Foreign Service and represented Jamaica at the United Nations and the European Union. He brings a holistic view of education to his teaching practice and he believes that it is essential that we, as educators, put learners at the center of their learning experience.

Veljko Armano Linta

Veljko is the director of the design & architecture Studio Armano Linta and practices a participatory design process aimed at personal and ecosocial wellbeing, so that we can use our (built) environment to regenerate our worldviews and practices in order to regenerate our planet. He has created and facilitated participatory workshops, lectures and webinars on sustainability/regeneration, design and teamwork for local communities, primary and high-school students, university students, teachers, NGOs and professionals, including the Cultural Backpack workshops for the Ministry of Education in Croatia.

Dasha Lis

Dasha Lis is an educator, curator, and a curious learner. Her passion is to create beautiful learning experiences that go beyond the bounds of disciplines in the pursuit of meaning and connections. Dasha was born and raised in Belarus. She spent 12 years living in the Philippines, where she completed her first degree in Educational Psychology and taught a range of subjects, including history and psychology. She then worked at UWC Maastricht, teaching Theory of Knowledge and World Arts and Cultures. With an eclectic mix of experiences she often finds she doesn’t tick regular boxes. And she prefers it that way!

Simrit Malhi

Simrit Malhi is a permaculture farmer, who has been living on and running Roundstone Farms, a model permaculture farm and homestead in South India, for the past decade. She teaches and facilitates courses on Permaculture and other sustainable living systems, writes on food and sustainable systems for various international publications, runs a farmer co-op, gives haircuts for barter and is learning to play the piano. She started India’s first permaculture consultancy, S.E.E.D, in Mumbai in 2010; where she designed and grew edible gardens in and around the city. She spent many years in Mumbai living a permaculture lifestyle before she made the shift to the country and believes that the world’s cities are really where true change needs to begin.

If you are looking to share your knowledge, skills, practices, attitudes, and values with other global citizens and can design for the WLwG conditions of learning, we would love to hear from you!

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