About Us

We Learn, We Grow is a global online lifelong learning school. 

Our world is changing. It is often incomprehensible and unjust. We need to change too, to make it better. But change is difficultyou are not alone in that feeling. It becomes less difficult when we do it together, with the right support and conditions for learning.

That’s why humans invented schools and universitiesto offer these conditions. But the focus of formal education has largely been on learning to earn, and not learning to live & thrive together. So we need new institutions to fill this gapinstitutions that offer

  1. what we need to learn to live & thrive together
  2. with the best practices of adult learning
  3. at an affordable price. 

1. what we need to live and thrive together (Our Learning Themes )

Our curation is inspired by the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning’s Global Citizenship Framework. It combines academic concepts and 21st century skills and is responsive to the needs of Global Citizens in the 21st century.  

Our offerings are organized around 3 themes:

Better Me: What makes you you and them them? This theme focuses on our needs of belonging and improving our self-awareness, other-awareness, and communication patterns to better our relationships with ourselves and others.

Better Communities: Can we stand up for someone else? Build consensus with empathy instead of aggression? This theme focuses on a commitment to participation & collaboration to create stronger and more meaningful communities.

Better Ecosystems: What is the impact of our actions on the world? This theme focuses on  developing a sensitivity to patterns that connect and practical skills of cooperation and creative solutioning to achieve a sustainable world.  

We regularly poll our community on whether our curation meets your needs, and curate to your needs. That is one of our fundamental beliefs about learning: We learn to meet needs. Instead of a traditional admissions process, you can access our offerings based on what you need.

2. with the best practices of adult learning (Our Offerings) 

We translate the art & science of learning and behaviour change into learning experiences that facilitate growth at various engagement levels: listening, participating, and sharing.  

RECEIVE: Explore problems with the intent to improve awareness & understanding

We offer bite sized content to read, watch, and listen on our instagram channel and commuity platform. We also offer long form articles on our blog around our themes and present frameworks on learning and behaviour science to make you aware of how you learn best.

PARTICIPATE: Build competence and self-confidence in new roles and relationships.

We offer live courses with a pedagogy of active and particpatory learning. Our facilitators are all lived experts in their field. We leverage technology so that you can learn with a global community of peers for evernew perspectives. We also offer learning guides or self-directed learning journals on our themes, with access to peer learning groups to reflect with.

SHARE: Become a facilitator or creator to help others learn and grow.

If you are a lived expert who is not an educator, we offer training programs to learn how to translate your learnings into experiences that facilitate growth. 

Our community learning platform is designed to not just leave you hanging after reading an article or participating in a course and helps you make connections to sustain and share new learnings.  We encourage all community members to also share more informally through the topic on our community platform.

3. at an affordable price (Our Social Buisness Model)

We believe in the gift economy and that there is a way to use technology to make high quality learning more accessible. You can access our online community, articles, and social content for FREE. For our paid offerings, we offer a sliding scale of contributions as we are open to members from both the Global South and the Global North, or somewhere in transition. We make this possible through profit share agreements with our facilitators and creators.

We are here to make it achievable & accessible to learn and grow.

All our work is guided by seven core values. These values are reflected in our curatorial choices, how we work with others, our approaches to teaching and learning, and our business model.

  1. Equity, Inclusion, Diversity - What we believe to be good 
  2. Naturally Creative & Whole - How we view ourselves & others
  3. Both/And - How we view the world
  4. Compassion - How we communicate
  5. Growth - What drives what we do
  6. Collaboration - What drives how we do it
  7. Self-Leadership - How we view change  

Changing yourself to change the world is better when we learn together. 

Let's Get Started.