Why We Exist

We Learn, We Grow is a learning site for humans of the world to engage with learning to live & thrive together through a pedagogy of active and participatory learning and critical reflection to better ourselves, our communities, and our ecosystems.

There seems to be a gaping hole between the support put into learning to earn (i.e., formal education and workplace training) and learning to live & thrive in the world. As a consequence, a large number of us can meet our financial needs and can survive physically but we are failing to survive emotionally and mentally and are failing to thrive as a global society and a planet.

That’s why we started WLWG. To fill that hole. As humans, we exist simultaneously at three levels of being and our programming is geared towards incremental changes in ourselves, our communities, and our ecosystems.

How we learn

As designers of learning experiences, we have been driven by questions around what makes us learn and grow? How do we go from understanding into behavior change? At WLWG, we engineer evidence-backed conditions of adult learning. All the learning magic happens through our live courses, peer groups, and a community platform where we all come together.You can join our community by signing up for any one of our key offerings. Enrolling into a course automatically enrols you onto our community platform, where you can join in on our peer groups as well. You can also directly join the platform and poke around.

Why Faciliator-Led Cohort-based Courses?
We understand the pitfalls of self-paced online courses and are trying a different route: live & interactive courses with compassionate facilitators and a small group of learners with shared goals. All our facilitators have one thing in common, they walk the talk, and know how to engineer those awesome conditions for adult learning. 
Why Peer-Led Learning Groups?
A vast amount of knowledge that is valuable to many is currently only available to a few — either locked in people’s heads or only accessible to select groups and formal structures. We want to connect the people who have the knowledge to the people who need it in a more informal way. Peer Groups bring together people with different perspectives and small differentials in knowledge so that they can share their knowledge for the benefit of others.
Why a Community Platform?
We bring the learning community together on an online platform where you continue to interact and make connections with each other, so learning and exchanges don’t just stop with a course or conversation. The platform also offers reflection prompts, a library of inspiration, a space to voice your needs, self-care resources, and recommended events of interest to the community.

What we stand for

With so many courses and communities out there, why should you be a part of this? The answer is simple: if you want to learn to navigate our interdependent and complex world with like-hearted learners, we are committed to creating the optimum conditions for learning.

We hear you
A part of the design of WLWG is to understand what the community of learners need and want to learn. We routinely poll the community to find out if our programming matches your needs and take suggestions on what to curate next. We also collect feedback after each course.
We are unacademic
One of the values of WLWG is to be inclusive. There is so much good content in academia and it’s a shame that so much of it is so inaccessible. We go to the ends of the Earth to find facilitators who can hold space for all levels of learners from homeschoolers to doctorates with a willingness to learn.
We are global
When we bring multiple perspectives together, something very important happens. It is the exchanges and the thoughts they provoke that leads us — more than some predetermined plan. We serve different timezones and you can pay in your own currency!
We are accessible
We believe in abundance and the gift economy and are designing a system that is accessible to all. We offer a sliding scale of contributions and are available at three levels of financial experience. We also offer free seats.

Now that you know what we are about, go ahead, get involved