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Parenting with Awareness with Karishma Erraballi (5 sessions)

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Special Note: Enrolling for this course allows one or both parents to participate. 

Parenting is something most parents tend to be unsure of.
 The standard or intuitive approach is to think back to how we were raised as kids or simply respond in a way that feels right in the moment. It’s about getting through the day and pushing away those ifs and buts until the next crisis. But such knee-jerk or unconscious parenting rarely changes the status quo. We remain where we started as a parent - unsure and uncertain. 

  • Are my child’s food choices a reflection of my own?
  • Can I discipline my children without punishing?
  • How should I communicate so that my child listens?
  • How can I make them feel safe, worthy and enough through my actions?

As you navigate your parenting journey, this course aims to offer a sort of roadmap or framework that is tailored to you and your child. Parenting with Awareness draws on the principles of mindfulness, yoga, and psychotherapy to help you become a confident parent, who knows how to respond to parenting challenges.

This course is for you if you

  • Are a parent/parents of an infant, toddler, preschooler, gradeschooler, or teenager
  • Are curious about mindful parenting practices
  • Seek to build a bond that allows your child/children to feel nurtured and understood
  • Want to raise children who are intellectually, emotionally, and physically centered 

Over  5 weeks of the course, we will create a supportive environment for you to share your personal experiences and explore tools--language, thoughts, and habits--that will help you feel assured about your choices and responses as a parent/parents. We will work toward developing a vision for what you want for your child and how to get there.  

Week 1: Talk to them Ways to communicate so you understand where your child is coming from, and your child ‘gets’ you. 

Week 2: Food as Foundation Strategies to make mealtimes less frustrating by understanding how food provides a strong physical and emotional foundation. 

Week 3: Bridges & Boundaries Instead of as a space to be stern, boundaries can actually be used to build bridges of understanding and cooperation with your child. 

Week 4: Love Cocoon Create a cocoon of love for your child where she or he feels loved, respected, worthy, and complete. We explore tools that will lead to your child being more independent and confident even when they aren’t in the orbit of your love nest. 

Week 5: Open session A space for participants to share their learnings, feedback and questions. 

Each session will be supported with exercises, such as role playing and vision setting, and course work tailored to the participants’ needs. 

About the Facilitator

Karishma Eraballi is a yoga teacher, a conscious parenting coach and the founder of Soulkatha and Yoga Parent, a space for people to connect more deeply to themselves. She uses the principles and philosophy of Yoga to guide parents into a connected parent-child relationship. She conducts workshops, offers consultations and personally coaches adults to equip them with the skills needed to become confident parents so they, in turn, raise secure and confident children.

Karishma has been a practitioner of yoga, wellbeing and consciousness for the last ten years, training with healers, teachers and therapists from all over the world. She works alongside kids and adults to alleviate pain in their physical, mental and emotional journeys.  A mother to two lovely little munchkins, she’s also a closet poet, a living-room singer, and a spontaneous anytime-anywhere dancer.  

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Once you enroll, you will receive an invite from welearnwegrow@mn.co to join the course on the  WLWG learning platform.  The course sessions will be online on Zoom with 10-15 other learners. We will post the access links on the course page on the WLWG platform. The sessions will be recorded in case you miss one. 

Since we are open to members from all parts of the world, we offer a sliding scale of contributions. Our plans are available at three levels of financial experience. If for some reason you would like to attend the course but are unable to contribute financially, please contact us for a free seat.


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